16 Şubat 2014 Pazar

      Say Hello to Sun!

         Hellooo beautiful people!! Hope you had a good week. Finally, friday has came and we can spend our times for nothing Thanks God! For me it was a very busy week. Unfortunately, it's just beginning for this semester. And am I ready? Neeh, I don't think so but i'm supposed to. Hello Universe, look at me look at this little girl and give your all chance and stamina pleaseee! After, Erasmus days which is full of leisure times, of course it's time to pay for them. I'm gonna be fine, don't worry. I don't intend to die yet, before getting my diploma;) In sum, i returned to school and wanted to show you one of my outfits. I shared three post and all of them(the photos) was from my room, eventually I'm in outside. Pretty sunshine, fresh air, very warm weather who believes we are in february.I hope you like it.Today i'm gonna finish writing, because i feel a little tired. By the way, i almost forgot, today is a valentine's day so happy Vdays:)) Everyone admits 14th of February is special for couples, but i don't believe it so much. If you have a valentine, you should feel special everyday with him/her not just for one day. The important point is to know the value of time spent together. 

       It's so funny, i couldn't submit my new post. Today is sunday but i wrote 'finally it's friday':)) Never mind the day. Actually, i already finished my paragraph but i didn't have time for loading the photos and the matter dropped like that. Ok, time to say goodbye for now.Tomorrow, again work day. I'm giving my best wishes. See yaaa!! 

Sneakers: CONVERSE

7 Şubat 2014 Cuma



                    CAN I KILL IT WITH YOU?

        Ahoj! It's friday that has to make me feel good but today means end of my holiday. So, I'm not going to thank to god this time. It has already been about 15 days. Woww! As always Turkish people say, time is  flowing like water.I agree exactly, don't you? We just caught up time and drifting. Look at me, after this year i will begin to work. Who believes that? I don't know who, but i know i can't believe that. When people looking at me from outside, they say you look like 17-18 years old. I'm not of course, but i think they'r right at one point. Inside me, still feeling like 17-18 sometimes, not like a young adult who have so many dreams about getting a job and career, earning lots of money…For sure, it happens sometimes. Day by day, i'm getting more mature. I have to be, because nobody wants a teenage pharmacist.;) I can live my weird and fantastic dreams that never will be real in my head, it would not hurt anyone. Wish me good luck, i'll pass my all exams and finish this last semester successfully. This semester will be very hard, it's gonna be full of lessons, interns, labs,exams..ohh. But, i hope one day will come and i'll share my graduating photos here:) I believe the energy inside us, enough to everything. I'm trying to say, everyone has a potential to be Hercules. Just shake your body, wake him up and break the chains! YEAHH! Okey, i admit this writing has got off the subject a little bit. Does it seem awkward? Welcome to my world;) Everytime, i write something spontaneously.But, I'm not telling writing is a simple thing for me. I write two sentences and wait ten minutes. Don't  judge please! I just try to find inspiration, my muse.And you know it's not as easy as for people that have undeveloped writing ability like me. 

       This chatting is enough for nooow and let's take a quick look today's outfit. Today i'm wearing a blazer jacket and skinny black pants with white simple shirt. It seems a little bit serious but at the same time causal. I love blazer jackets, actually i love jackets. When you put on your jacket, suddenly it makes dashy and cool look. And shoes. I like lace up shoes which create masculine appearance. My shoes are not completely has lace up style.They seem like a bit oxford shoes. What am i suppose to say, Topshop do it better;) That's all i can say for today. Stay happy, healthy and of course stylish;) Nashledanou!!

P.S:Todays title from Lorde's 400 Lux.This song is one of my favorite songs. Listen and joy it for me;)

Blazer jacket: TALLY WEIJL
Shirt: H&M
Pants: H&M
Bag: KOTON (Turkish Brand)

3 Şubat 2014 Pazartesi

                        BUT I AM UP IN SPACE

Happy mondays, everybody! Ok, i'm describing monday with 'happy' adjective:) How it could be posssssiibbllleee ?I seem to hear your  murmurs,but please don't forget I'm here to motivate you all and of course myself.As a matter of fact, I'm still in my semester holiday.So, it doesn't matter for me at the moment.I don't want to be cruel,but after a very intensive semester,i think i deserve that.

Today's title is a quote from Icona Pop's song I Love It:)Maybe it doesn't necessary to say,you already noticed that.Ohh this song remind me my old Erasmus days. My best friend,me and our funny,beautiful,cute,sympathetic,helpful friends (a.k.a. Best Slovenian Girls Ever) love that song.We were trolling that song and dancing actually jumping insanely!Good memories… I think, after a little remembering it's time to back today's post.

In these photos, there is a piece that i want present proudly.It's my hat.This hat was just grey and simple,then i decided to ornament my hat with some trinkets.It doesn't seem so fancy, can be used with causal clothes as for me.I like it ,that is meaning i'm gonna wear it a lot. Its very easy to make,just buy some beads or bright little things and stitch them however you design. Be careful and stay calm when you'r stitching. Cuz, doing something with needle sometimes would be very annoying and painful.

I combined paisley bomber jacket and basic white t-shirt with boyfriend jeans.I know, I'm not very tall one but i like boyfriend jeans and combination with bf jeans.Wearing ankle boots beneath that jeans would be suitable for me. And for sure i like matching them together;) I think that's all i can tell you about this outfit, for now. Stay happy and healthy until our next meeting:) Byeee!

Beaded DIY Hat: H&M
Paisley Bomber Jacket: MANGO
Bıyfriend Jeans: ZARA
Boots: DERIMOD (Turkish Brand)

2 Şubat 2014 Pazar


Hello hello everyone!!I want to say hello to you thousand times.You know the reason,as i mentioned on the title,this blog will be my brand-new activity.I've been thinking that case about 2 years.Finally,i'm encouraged to create my blog which you can find my own style.I'm not unstoppable fashion maniac,i just love to observe new trends and get some pieces that are going to befit on me.Fashion is a way to express myself.

After my little introduction paragraph,lets back to my outfit.I used causal pieces with chic accessories.For me,these chic accessories are my gold color-braided neckless,gold color small purse and my hat with details of pompom and black net.Ok,i couldn't categorize the pencil skirt,it's completely up to you.I like that mixed combination.Indeed!!Hope you like it too.Omg,it's been two and a half hours for this writing.I think i have to be very patient for this fashion business.With baby steps,slowly... of course!So,time to say goodbye for now.Stay stylish,see you soon;)

Pencil Skirt:PULL AND BEAR
Neckless and Purse:H&M
Hat:KOTON(that is a Turkish Brand)
Shoes:DERIMOD(Turkish Brand again:)